Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12th May 2010

Today i will started my view in my fresh blog for a forex a fresh blogger too, i would like to appologised first if i have make a mistake on my oppinion and language also because i'm not and expert in this market.
the reason i create this blog for me to track my mistake and try to understand without deleting my history
mistake in predicting forex movement.
my favourite pair is eur/usd wich is more easily predicting and not so fast movement.
i think there will be an uptrend for eur/usd next week because of greece crisis slowly solve.
now the currency will be in between 1.2500 - 1.2300. if there is support at that price, it possible will up for the next week maybe in between 1.3000-1.3500.
Thats my oppinion for next week.


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